Website Prices & I.T. Rates

Our web design prices are estimates, every project is different so if you would like a custom quote on your new website please contact us. The cost of websites is typically based on the time to develop a custom design, working with the business owner or manager to get the correct information listed and build any custom features specific to the business.

Basic Web Design Pricing

Price: $1000 - $1200 For a basic "Brochure" website that only has 5-6 pages consisting of a Home Page, About Us, Services, and Contact Form. This includes the minimum requirements to get your website Ranked in Google, Mobile & Tablet Friendly, and a clean simple design. The price range is linked to the amount of work we need to do with your business to get Photos, concise company information, and whether or not your business requires a pre-defined template or one that has been customized to suit your needs.

Business+ Web Design Pricing

Price: $1200 - $2500 For businesses that require a Website developed with advanced features including; custom calendar, slideshows, specific design, complex category functionality, or inventory imports from their Point of Sale system. The majority of our business clients fall into this category, this is a great starting point whether you are starting a new business or looking for a website refresh with a few extra features for your customers.

Computer & Network Support Rates

Our I.T. services include on-site computer and networking services in Barrhead and the surrounding area. $95/Hour - Computer and Laptop Troubleshooting or Repair $125/Hour - On-Site IT Services for computer repair and networking services. $75 Flat Rate - Travel charge to Westlock, Alberta (round trip). $150 Flat Rate - Travel charge to Whitecourt, Alberta (round trip).