Web Design and Internet Marketing in Alberta

We are a small technology company in rural Alberta providing local businesses with web design, digital marketing, network solutions, and IT support for over 10 years.

Drupal Web Design

We provide web development for small to medium-sized businesses that are looking for modern, easy to use, mobile/tablet friendly (responsive) design. Our entry-level packages include everything your business needs to get the new website launched, listed on Google and other search engines, integration with social media, and statistics.

Website Setup Cost - Our website packages run between $1200 to $2500+ depending on requirements, customizations, and special features.
Monthly Fees - Maintenance fees range between $85/month to $150/month depending on the frequency of website changes and SEO needs. This covers everything including registration, Web Hosting services, SEO enhancements, web server monitoring, web security updates, minor website updates as well as content changes.

Google Advertising

We can assist clients in the setup of their Google Ads campaigns, optimize their landing pages, and focus their online ad budgets on the highest value customers.

TownPost Advertising

Reach the local audience in your town with targetted advertising focused on local shoppers and people that are already looking to buy items in your area. When you spend money on Facebook Ads you are targetting people that are looking at photos and wanting to interact socially. But visitors on TownPost are already looking to buy and sell items so they tend to be more open to "being sold to". TownPost ads can be run to target specific towns and certain keywords in search results.

The best Yellow Pages Alternative in Alberta

Many small businesses get roped into a Yellow Pages contract for their website, digital advertising and internet ads with the promise of customer leads through a combination of their Yellow Pages book listing, online advertising, and PPC ads. These monthly feeds and contracts can be quite expensive and difficult or nearly impossible to get out of.
We offer customers comprable websites for lower monthly fees, more complex website features (i.e. Inventory Imports & Online booking features), and often better search rankings.
Our customer's websites are listed on TownPost Alberta, a popular website used for buying and selling items locally.
Yellow Pages Online vs Google Listings
The fundamental problem with paying to rank on Yellow Pages online ads is that more and more people are doing their business searches on Google. We recommend that companies focus a larger portion of their online marketing budget to improve their organic rankings in search results since these clicks are the gifts that keep on giving.

Computer Service

Our new location on Main Street will offer computer service, virus removal, backup & transfer, and troubleshooting for Windows PCs and Laptops.
Our Shop rate is $95 Per Hour.
On-Site Computer and Networking Services for businesses are offered under contract for $110/Hour.
Remote IT Support and Data Backup monitoring available.